Our Design Principles

A modern diaper for a modern baby demands high tech fabrics, even when using
100% natural fabrics. It is not only the fabric, but the weave that will determine how well it absorbs and contains fluids while being able to withstand 300+ washings without wearing out.
We are committed to providing only the best, deluxe ​ products by starting with high quality deluxe fabrics that are made specially for diapering.
  1. Whats in a layer?
    Whats in a layer?
    With our organic diapers, your baby has 100% American organic cotton next to the skin.
  2. Between the Gussets
    Between the Gussets
    From the liner to the leg opening are two gussets. The inner waterproof gusset are Oh-So-Soft organic cotton Sherpa
  3. 100% Organic Cotton
    100% Organic Cotton
    The dimple weave of the lining allows airflow next to the skin