New Kid Deluxe Diapers are created with your baby's needs in mind, as well as your needs. We begin with a comfortable outer layer of waterproof, yet breathable Poly Urethane Laminate fabric that is thermally bonded, not chemically, which is earth-friendly and baby-safe (CPSIA approved). Two ultra absorbent  "Zorb" liner layers are naturally anti-bacterial, to fight diaper rash and bad odors.

Comfort for your child.
Safe for your planet.


The fabric layer next to your babies' skin is ultra soft & natural, 100% organic cotton.  All materials are sourced and made in USA, and each diaper is hand crafted in the USA.

Our diapers are double-gusseted around the legs with ultra soft Organic Sherpa Cotton, with a gusset in the back as well, to help eliminate blow-out messes. Finally, all elastic used is Latex-free to prevent latex-related irritation for baby and the caregiver.
The One-Size design is suitable for babies one month old (size 1) to 36 months (size 5 diaper).  As an All-In-One diaper, changes and laundering are streamlined to make it easier on you. As your child grows, doublers can be added for extra protection.

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    Anti-microbial doublers
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    Carefully Designed Dryness
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    Black Liner